We are glad to introduce you in the world of 'VRValues'. Now it is easier to make great selections in the USA tracks because the VRV-Handicapping is now available.

The VRV is a mathematical method that qualifies the horse performances in different races with our exclusive VRV-RATING, which represents the value of the presentation. High value means that the horse has a better performance.

With VRV's history we can sort the horses which will run in a future race, it is posible because we have our exclusive VRV-Qualy. There are two components on it, the level and the order. The level represents the potential of the horse and the order represents the hypothetical position in the race result. However, it is very important to highlight that VRValues tells you which is the probability of winning for each horse. Our three first options have won (and they will win) more than 65% of the races these numbers are for any given racetrack and any day.

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